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3 Good Greens For Your Teeth

Eating healthy greens are important for your total-body health, and that includes your oral health. To start, try incorporating these 3 greens into your diet:


Did you know that citrus fruits, such as apples and celery, increase salvation inside your mouth and clean teeth? That’s right—although this is not a replacement for proper brushing and flossing, incorporating citrus fruits like apples into your diet, naturally wash away food particles and neutralize the acidity in your mouth.

Be aware that fresh produce, as opposed to processed, sugary fruit products, is key here. Your gums will be stimulated by choosing to chew on the fibrous texture of fruits, like apples.

Kale, Lettuce, and Spinach (to name a few)

What do these veggies have in common? While they are dark, leafy, and green on the outside, on the inside, these are power-packed with nutrients. If you want a wholesome diet that will improve your dental health, try mixing these green veggies into your routine.

Specifically, the vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and a handful of other nutrients work to regulate your teeth and gums. For example, your teeth will store the phosphorus and use this to absorb calcium and magnesium.

Green Tea (and black tea too!)

The polyphenols help to regulate the bacteria in your mouth. This nutrient can prevent bacteria from growing and attacking your teeth, either by killing or holding back the bacteria.

Brew in some fluoride-containing water into that cup of green tea and you will also drink in a store of fluoride.


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