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3 Teeth-Healthy Beverages To Cozy Up With This Fall

The autumn season is upon us, so soon we'll probably be craving time to cozy-up in our sweaters, scarves, and socks while sipping on a warm beverage. As you decide what beverage you'll be sipping on this fall and winter seasons, check out these three beverages that are good for your teeth:

  1. Green or Herbal Teas - Sipping on a warm cup of green and/or herbal tea is popular in the morning, afternoon, and evening alike. This is good news for our teeth because the polyphenols in green and herbal tea help to regulate the bacteria in your mouth and prevent bacteria from growing and attacking your teeth.

  2. Milk - How about warm milk? Maybe even in a latte? Milk contains two powerful ingredients, calcium and casein, that work to strengthen and repair teeth.

  3. Warm Water - Ever enjoy a cup of warm water and lemon? This can be a refreshing drink, but it's also healthy for your teeth. Water clears away food residue that may have gotten wedged in and around our teeth. Water keeps us hydrated, which not only benefits our oral health, but really boosts our whole body health.


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