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Back To School Tips For Healthy Teeth

It’s that time of year– the yellow school bus is once again on the move and the kiddos are headed back to school. Amidst you and your family's new daily routines, do not forget to factor in dental care.

As you prepare your kids for their days of school, here are a few tips for maintaining a healthy dental routine:

#1 Bring along the essentials.

Make sure brushing and flossing do not go out the window– Pack a travel-sized kit filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in their backpacks or lunch boxes. Ask your kids to brush and floss after lunch.

If your kids are young, you might need to help them figure out the timing of this daily teeth cleaning. If necessary, clarify with your child’s teacher when exactly your child will have the opportunity to brush and floss after lunch.

#2 Encourage your kids to drink water throughout the day.

You may or may not send them to school with a water bottle, but either way, encourage them to drink water throughout the day. This becomes especially important during and directly after eating.

Doing so will not only help to keep them hydrated, but also to clear away unwanted food particles (see The Superpowers Of Water And Your Mouth for more details).

#3 Fill their lunch boxes with healthy items.

Sending your kids off to school with a wholesome lunch is not only important for growth, energy level, and attention span, but also for their oral health.

Foods you might consider packing to support dental health include citrus-filled foods, such as apples and celery, as well as dark, leafy veggies, like spinach and kale (Take a look at 3 Good Greens For Your Teeth to learn more).

And, as you may have guessed, try to avoid foods that are high in sugar (For more explanation on this topic, check out Sugar And Your Teeth). Select healthier alternatives to meet your child’s sweet tooth.

With a little preparation, these oral care practices can easily become part of your child’s regular school day schedule. Happy studies and happy health!


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