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Chipped Tooth: Here’s What To Do

Should you realize that the pieces of hard candy in your mouth are accompanied by a piece of your tooth, don’t wait—call us immediately.

A chipped or broken tooth is nothing to mess around with. So, after you call us and before you come to the appointment, you will want to take some precautions (from WebMD). Here’s what you should do:

#1 Realize that if not properly cared for, your tooth could become further damaged or infected.

#2 Use a piece of wax paraffin to cover any sharp edges of your broken tooth to prevent any scrapping against anywhere on the inside of your mouth.

#3 For any pain, acetaminophen is typically recommended.

#4 Although we recommend getting in to see us as soon as possible, if you must eat in between, choose soft foods and do not bite down on the broken tooth.

Even though your teeth’s enamel is quite resilient, tooth chipping or breaking can occur. Whether it is a fall and knock to your teeth or maybe a destructive bite into hard food, call us right away if your tooth breaks or chips. Our team will make sure that further damage does not occur and be sure your injury is properly cared for.


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