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Flossing 101

Flossing is a basic element of a healthy dental care routine, so it's important to know how to floss properly.

Let's break it down step-by-step:

  1. Break off and use a strip of floss that is about 18 inches long. Wrap the majority of the floss around your middle finger and wrap the rest of the floss around the middle finger on your other hand.

  2. Use your thumb to hold the floss against your pointer finger. Do this for both hands.

  3. In a gentle, rubbing motion, place the floss between two of your teeth. Note that it is important to use gentle movements.

  4. Once the floss touches the gum line, gently curve the floss into a C-shape motion against one tooth and slide the floss inside the space between the gum and the tooth.

  5. Gently press the floss against the tooth and rub the side of the tooth. Use vertical motions to move the floss away from the gum. Repeat this motion all of your teeth, including your back-most teeth.


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