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Helping Your Children Enjoy Dental Visits

Let's be real, some children don't exactly look forward to going to the dentist.


But we can change that!

There are a handful of great ideas at this link at HuffPost to help your child not only endure a dental visit but look forward to returning for their next. We're going to look at three of their tips that we feel are the most productive.

1. Avoid Bribery

As mentioned in the article, it's obvious that offering candy or other sweets doesn't really match up with a trip to the dentist. But offering any kind of bribes can certainly send the wrong message. It may relay that the dentist is a reason for worry or an ordeal to get through, rather than letting your child go through (and maybe even enjoy) the experience on their own.

2. Start Young

This is a major factor. The earlier you start taking your child to the dentist, the more uneventful it becomes while lessening the need to worry about it at all! You can even make it a fun experience or a game by asking them their favorite things about the office, what they received for going (often a fun little oral health package) or what their favorite part was.

3. Stay Positive

Isn't life better when everything is positive anyway? Here's an excerpt from the HuffPost article.

Use positive language, like "happy teeth," goodbye "sugar bugs." Steer clear of words like "pain" or "hurt" even when used in negative context, e.g. "it won't hurt..." Emphasize the importance of keeping chompers healthy for life.

Keep it positive and happy! The less fear or 'scary' words being used, the better.

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