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Holiday Habits For Healthy Teeth

The chill is real and the sweets are plenty this time of year. Take a moment to make sure you and your family are ready.


Here are a few tips from WebMD and HuffPost to keep you grinning from ear to ear this holiday season!

Let The Nutcracker Do Its Job

The hard candy and nuts are not worth breaking a tooth over – Stay in control of your holiday snacking to prevent tooth damage. And even if you find yourself mesmerized by a seemingly never-ending train of cookies, cakes, and candies, don’t forget to fuel your body. Remember vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other wholesome food groups do not have to disappear from your diet this holiday season.

Holiday Hydration (Hint: Drink Water)

2 liters per day to be exact. Not only will this hydration support the health of your brain and body, proper water intake also allows your gums and teeth to stay moist and produces saliva. Especially in colder temperatures, hydration helps to prevent bacteria build-up in your mouth. Even if you enjoy an occasional holiday drink, be sure you drink enough water each day.

Pack For Success This Holiday Season

No matter if your holiday travel takes you across the country or across town, stay prepared. It never hurts to bring along some floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste. With potlucks a plenty, these tools are bound to come in handy.

Home Or Away, Don’t Cheat

Stay true to your dental routine. Even if your daily routine finds itself in a holiday mix-up, keep your oral health a priority. Be sure you and your family are brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing once a day.

Schedule Your Holiday Appointment with us today to make sure your mouth is ready to brave the winter and enjoy the holiday season!


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