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How To Choose Toothpaste

Since we brush our teeth at least twice every day, selecting the appropriate toothpaste is essential for a healthy oral care routine.

As describes, all toothpastes contain certain general ingredients, but may also contain additional ingredients to address particular aspects of oral care.

Here is what to check for in your toothpaste:

The cleansing agents include…

- Mild Abrasive (This clears away stains and debris from the teeth.)

- Detergent (which also produces the foam)

The texturizing elements include…

- Humectants (This prevents the toothpaste from becoming dry or gummy.)

- Binders (These stabilize and thicken the toothpaste.)

- Flavor (No one wants their toothpaste to actually taste like paste.)

You might also find…

- Fluoride (which fights cavities and tooth decay, as well as strengthen the enamel)

- Tooth sensitivity agents

- Polishing agents (Everyone wants pearly, sparkly whites!)

Regardless if you choose a specialty toothpaste or a more generic formula, be sure to make sure that you select a toothpaste which is approved by the American Dental Association. This will ensure a safe and effective formula that is sure to keep your smile healthy and bright.


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