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How To Shine in 2020

As the new year approaches, factor your dental health into your resolutions for 2020. Here are a few recommended resolutions:

#1 Brush and floss on the regular.

While this may seem simple, if you are not already doing so, maintaining a consistent routine for brushing and flossing can transform your dental health.

As a reminder, brush your teeth at least twice and floss once each day. Also, we recommend that you brush after every meal or snack to remove any debris.

#2 Incorporate greens into your diet.

While eating dark, leafy greens boosts your overall health, eating these kinds of foods also improves your dental health.

Citrus fruits, such as apples and celery, increase salvation inside your mouth and clean the teeth.

Leafy green vegetables, like kale and spinach, contain wholesome nutrients that can boost your dental health.

And, drinking green tea can help regulate the bacteria in your mouth.

#3 Cut the tobacco and reduce the sugar.

Consuming tobacco has serious negative health effects. Furthermore, consuming tobacco has a plethora of adverse effects on dental health, including increased risk of gum disease and oral cancer, as well as bone loss in the jaw, yellowed teeth, and bad breath.

Sugar consumption should be limited. Although tasty, excessive amounts of sugar consumption and improper cleaning can damage teeth.

Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes for the sugar to convert to acid and neutralize on your teeth? That’s right – so be sure to brush your teeth directly after any instance of sugar consumption.

We recommend eating sugars within meals, rather than spread out this sugar consumption over a longer period of time, such as in snacking. And, we recommend swapping sugar-containing beverages and foods for sugar-free equivalents.

#4 Drink more water.

Water consumption not only cleans your mouth, but also helps to fight off conditions like cavities and dry mouth.

This resolution is easy to implement: Drinking more water will improve both your dental health and overall health.


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