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Teeth Healthy Snacks For The School Day

Whether your kids are headed to class at the school building or virtually in your living room this Fall, they will certainly be needing some snacks to fuel their learning throughout the day. Keep in mind, however, that some snacks are better for your kids’ teeth than others.

Here are a few teeth healthy snack options to consider:

#1 Calcium and Phosphorus-Rich Foods

Snacks like cheese, yogurt, and plain nuts can strengthen tooth enamel on account of the great amounts of calcium and phosphorus they contain.

#2 Crunchy Textured Foods

Fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, celery, and apples, that have a crunchy texture can actually boost the health of your teeth since the crunchy texture of these foods can brush away debris on the tooth.

#3 Sugar-Free Sweets

And what lunch isn’t complete without a sweet treat? Instead of packing gummy treats filled with refined sugars for your kids, choose sugar-free or sugar-reduced variations of these snacks.

#4 Dairy Finale

And to help wash away any sugar and debri left on the teeth, your kids can finish off their meal or snack with some dairy, such as a glass of milk or cheese cube.


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