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The Flu, A Cold, and Your Teeth

Ever consider how suffering from the cold can impact your teeth? Ever consider how your oral care routine can fend off the flu? Mouth and teeth maintenance impacts your ability to fight off and even resist the germs and bacteria that can lead to a cold or flu.

The following tips from Consumer Guide to Dentistry offer useful considerations to help you and your mouth stay healthy:

#1 Don’t resist your regular routine.

Although you may be tempted to let your dental routine slip while you are under the weather, don’t.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth can aid in overcoming the cold or flu. Brush at least twice a day. Use floss and mouthwash to rinse out unhealthy bacteria.

#2 Here’s when not to brush…

If your ailment causes you to vomit, do not brush your teeth immediately after vomiting. Instead, swish and spit with water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Vomiting causes acids from your stomach to enter your mouth. These acids can coat your teeth and cause damage. In fact, spreading these stomach acids over your teeth by brushing can exacerbate your ailment.

It is safe to brush your teeth 30 minutes after you have rinsed your mouth with water.

#3 Speaking of water, drink it and often.

Drinking water when you are sick with the flu or a cold is key. By giving yourself proper hydration you will fuel your body to help fight off the ailment.

Since your body is working in high gear whenever you are sick, without proper care, dehydration can occur. Dehydration is particularly worrisome for your teeth because dry mouth can develop as a result.

Dry mouth makes you and your mouth more susceptible to bacteria.

#4 Check your sugar.

While fluids and cough drops can help you fight off cold and flu symptoms, be wary of your sugar intake. Choose sugar-free cough drops and water.


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