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The Superpowers Of Water And Your Mouth

Drinking water is not simply recommended for your oral health, but in fact, this is necessary for oral and overall health.

We’ve mentioned other drinks that support your dental health, but drinking water is of utmost importance to incorporate into your daily diet and routine.

The American Dental Association explains just why water intake is critical for oral care:

It’s A Cleanser

Imagine all the particles of food you chew on a daily basis (Gross, right?). Well, drinking water will wash down the food particles without leaving behind a sugary coating over your teeth (as juice, sodas, and sports drinks do).

Preventing this sugary coat is important. Sugars left clinging to your teeth can wear away the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities.

It’s A Fighter

Fluoride containing water fights off the emergence of cavities. Since fluoride is naturally found in most water sources, incorporating water into your daily diet and routine is a significant and simple way to strengthen your teeth.

In short, fluoride helps to rebuild tooth enamel that has been weakened for one reason or another, as well as prevents and even reverses tooth decay.

Also, drinking water prevents a condition called dry mouth. While saliva produced inside your mouth naturally fights off tooth decay, drinking water can act as your mouth’s secondary defense against the emergence of dry mouth.


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