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Tips & Tricks for Teeth-Whitening

Our teeth were made to be white – not yellow, brown, or any shade in between. So how can we maintain a sparkly white smile? Cleveland Clinic offers a few basic suggestions on this matter.


Routine. Routine. Routine.

A consistent and comprehensive daily oral routine is key. Teeth should be thoroughly brushed twice per day. As for flossing, this is recommended at least once per day. When it comes to toothpaste, whitening toothpaste is recommended for use just once or twice per week, while regular toothpaste should be used the remainder of the week.

But there is more.

In addition to the daily recommended brushing and flossing amounts listed above, taking the time to brush and rinse directly following consumption of food and drinks that contribute to teeth-staining can go a long way.

What’s more, for liquids (such as coffee) that tend to cause staining of the teeth, using a straw to drink these can help your teeth avoid direct contact with the liquid.

On the other hand, some substances, like tobacco, should simply be avoided – In addition to numerous other serious health effects, tobacco causes teeth to yellow.

Something else to consider…

Ever thought about scheduling a touch-up treatment? There are a variety of whitening methods, both at-home and in-office options, used and recommended by dentists.

Visit your dentist to determine which methods would best fit your oral health needs. While dental insurance does not typically cover the cost of an in-office whitening procedure, this may just give your teeth the sparkle you are looking for.


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