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Toothbrush Storage Matters

Brushing and flossing teeth is a critical element of daily dental hygiene. So it's no surprise that toothbrush care, including proper storage, matters. In order to practice proper hygiene, we need our tools (i.e. toothbrush) in proper working condition.

Here is how to properly store your toothbrush:

#1 Allow your toothbrush to dry completely. Airing out your toothbrush prevents build up of bacteria. Only place your toothbrush in an enclosed area if it has dried out completely.

#2 Use toothbrush holders. Rather than relying on makeshift toothbrush containers that you or someone else hacked together from various household items, like plastic bags, boxes, or foil, instead place your toothbrush in a container that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Containers designed specifically for toothbrushes have been created to enable proper airflow and maintenance of the bristles.

#3 Clean your toothbrush holder on a regular basis. Bacteria can buildup on any surface that has not been cleaned, including your toothbrush holder. So, create a habit out of this task.

#4 Keep your toothbrush holder away from the sink and toilet. This is simply a more sanitary option and minimizes risk of your toothbrush falling in either of these places.

#5 When traveling, cover your toothbrush using either a portable toothbrush cap or a travel toothbrush cover. Do not keep the toothbrush in these travel containers for extended amounts of times, as this becomes an opportunity for bacteria to buildup.

#6 Generally speaking, toothbrushes should be replaced after three months of use.


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