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What Could Be Causing My Crooked Teeth?

If you have ever worn braces on your teeth (maybe as an adolescent) you know that crooked teeth can be fixed.

Just as braces are not the only way to realign your teeth, so too is hereditary genes not the only reason why a person’s teeth can become crooked.

As Healthline points out, there are several reasons as to why your teeth may become misaligned:

#1 Hereditary

While a person can certainly inherit either a crooked or straight teeth alignment, don’t start pointing the finger at genetics just yet.

#2 Jaw Size

Did you know that the modern diet tends to shrink the size of the jaw? It’s true—The soft, processed foods we eat today, which are different than the tougher foods eaten by early ancestors, can cause the jaw size to shrink.

These modern foods do not require us to chew our food as vigorously, which contribute to the alignment of teeth in the jaw.

#3 Poor habits

Did you suck your thumb as a kid? If so, this habit could be the cause of your crooked teeth today.

Similar habits that can have this same affect include pacifier or bottle use, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing.

#4 Overbite or Underbite

Do your upper teeth automatically rest over your bottom row of teeth? This could be indicating an overbite.

For an underbite, the opposite occurs. Your lower row of teeth protrude outward, beyond the location of your upper row of teeth.

Having an overbite or underbite can lead to further alignment issues within the mouth and jaw.

#5 Injury

Perhaps you fell and bumped your mouth. Or, perhaps your crooked teeth occurred as a result of another injury to your mouth and jaw.

If you have questions about crooked teeth causes or solutions, give us a call today!


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