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When Should I Schedule My Next Dental Check-Up?

Regular dental exams and cleaning visits are essential for preventing dental problems and maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

For this reason, we recommend scheduling dental check-ups at least twice per year and additional appointments in between for any conditions that may arise.

In addition to checking your teeth for cavities and other potentially concerning conditions, your visit will also include a professional cleaning. This cleaning is important for clearing residue that can build-up and cause damage.

A dental check-up provides a full service examination to ensure your teeth and mouth are in proper condition. Items that a dental check-up provides include:

- Medical History Review

- Examination of X-Rays

- Oral Cancer Screening

- Gum Disease Evaluation

- Examination of Tooth Decay

- Examination of Existing Restoration

- Removal of Calculus

- Removal of Plaque

- Teeth Polishing

- Review Dietary Habits 

Regular dental check-ups are critical to overall health, so don't wait to schedule your next dental visit!


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